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Friday, 24 June 2022

Brave Ondo man fights robber attempting to rape wife, grabs gun


On Wednesday, the Ondo State Police Command reported that it had detained 14 suspected criminals across the state.

Ojo Rotimi, Tosin Omoniyi, Jimoh Dele, Uwanfor Destiny, Babajide Moses, Tope Gbenga, John Simeon, Akinniranye Blessing, Jude Stephen, and Iranlowo Ayomide were a few of the suspects named.

Omoniyi is accused of robbing a woman's family of goods in their home at the Idanre hamlet in the state's Idanre Local Government Area before trying to rape the victim.

The guy allegedly broke into the flat through the window at around one in the morning and robbed a couple of their money and other items.

The suspect was paraded by the state police public relations officer, Mrs. Funmilayo Odunlami, who announced that he would shortly face charges.

The PPRO stated, "The accused was attempting to rape the man's wife when he (the husband) mustered the courage to descend on the accused, catch the robber with the assistance of neighbors, and disarm him of his rifle."

Odunlami added that Mrs. Tale Akinlabi, the suspect's 55-year-old mother, had been detained for allegedly aiding him in keeping the stolen property.

The defendants will soon face charges in court, according to a police official.

When questioned, Omoniyi, who identified himself as a commercial motorcyclist, claimed to work alone and to have successfully robbed numerous residents in the community. "I entered through the window and met the couple inside; I told them to bring out all the cash and valuables in their home," he reportedly stated. Only N50,000 could be extracted, so I requested the woman to go get other things from her room because I was not happy with the cash. Because I was carrying a gun, the wife complied when I requested her to lie on the bed so I could check the room. The woman yelled that I was going to rape her, and her husband and four other guys came in.

I dropped the gun on the ground while attempting to have a sexual relationship with the woman, so I was overcome before I could reach for it. They assaulted me, took the pistol away from me, and gave me over to the police.

However, his mother, Akinlabi, denied helping him, claiming that she was unaware of his illicit actions. "I was startled to hear he was involved in an armed robbery," she stated, referring to the Okada rider she knew. He told me he wanted to buy a motorcycle and asked me to go with him. I did so, and ever since then, he has been riding the Okada.

I questioned him about the source of the money he used to purchase the motorcycle, and he said that it came from his monthly payments. Since he was employed as a commercial motorcycle rider, I had no reason to disbelieve him. His arrest for an armed robbery and attempted rape caught me off guard when I found out at the hospital. Because I had been with my ailing husband for some time, I was at the hospital. When the police informed me that I had been helping him carry out his robberies, I was shocked. He is the last surviving member of the marriage I had with his father before I decided to end it. I had six children for him.

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