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Sunday, 27 February 2022

Check-out the step taken by Russia to show readiness in case NATO, USA and others interfere


The war between Russia and Ukraine broke out in the early hour of Thursday when the Russian soldiers invaded the country capital, Kyiv with some destructions and damages done so far.

Recall that before the Russian President Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine with a full-scale military invasion, he has warned that no country should interfere or be ready to face the consequences which the country has never experienced.

Russian missiles, tanks and war planes targeted airports, military bases and cities in Ukraine with air raid sirens also heard in the capital.

Russia in the course of their invasion on Ukraine recently unveiled a new invincible missile which is a super missile that has the capacity to wipe out and destroy everything that has breath in case USA, NATO and the Western world interfere.

The latest missile named 'Satan 2' is said to be the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile in the world which brought about a little wonder whether the Russian soldiers are immuned.

Here is the breakdown of the unveiled nuclear weapon 'Satan 2 liquid fueled nuclear missile':

As its name frightens, the missile - RS-28 Sarmat known as Satan 2 can have from 10 (heavy nuclear heads) to 15 (lighter) on board which gives it the ability to destroy in a few seconds a very wide territory.

It is a weapon of mass destruction as the missile can travel up to 10,000 kilometers and its top speed is 7 kilometers per second. At this very particular speed, it could travel from Moscow to London in just 6 minutes.

This is a technology of which only Russia has the secret on Earth with the maximum power of the missile about 50 megatons. It is therefore 2,000 times much more powerful than the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World War.

However, if things get worse between the two sides and escalate to the other part of the world, it could turn into another thing else that could bring an end to everything.

Pray for peace in Ukraine

Pray for peace in Russia

Pray for peace among the leaders of the world

Pray for peace in the whole universe at large.

At this point in time, we look up to God and hope for the best to happen.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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