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Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Age is just a number, young lady proved that by dating 74-years-old man at the age of 25. READ MORE


 couple has left Mzansi talking after posting their picture having a nice time. A lady shared a picture with his boyfriend who looks older than her.

People no longer care about who they date but as long as there are happy, age will always be just a number. The picture left people questioning whether is love or because of money. Some people are happy in their relationship with old people not because of money but just of happiness.

It's can happen that your soul mate might be older than you. In the comments, people showed mixed emotions about the couple. There were those people who were congratulating them for not being ashamed of their relationship.

They came forward to share their happiness with the world that there are in love with. People will always talk about their relationship but they will not mind the negativity they will be getting.

As long as there are happy and that is all that matters to them. Love doesn't have an age and it is always beautiful. People need to learn to accept that and encourage people to follow their hearts. People have been laughing at the lady saying that she is after money.

But truly the lady didn't fight anyone because she knows that the relationship they have is real. People need to learn to be happy for others and stop all the negativity. They have a beautiful relationship together, and people must accept that. Where there is love age will never be a problem.

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