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Thursday, 14 October 2021

South African hottest teacher Lulu Menziwa shows off her curves in new photos


She has become one of the most followed and celebrated celeb in Mzansi. Of late she has been making all sorts of trends from hot steamy bikini looks to d!rty revealing looks.

Well, this time around South African s_exiest teacher Lulu Menziwa pulled a shocker when she did the unthinkable given the fact that she is a teacher.

She knows well how to flaunt what she has. No doubt she got the plug and the bling. Many still find it hard to believe that she is a teacher?

Lulu Menziwa1

However, of late she seems to have made it a point to set the internet ablaze on weekly basis. A week doesn’t seem to pass without our favorite teacher Lulu Menziwa aka Madam B serving looks. In the wake of her fame, she has been trending more often and making all sorts of headlines.

The celebrated fashionista and teacher recently left Mzansi in a frenzy after posting seductive pictures of herself showing off her B00TY.

Lulu Menziwa0

In South Africa it nows seems as if flaunting one’s booty has become a trend. Guess she didn’t want to spare from the new trend just like those before her.

Her viral classroom pictures have since sparked a debate on Social Media. Many questions have been leveled to the education department if there is a certain dress code for teachers and staff to adhere to or not? However, if not this issue must be addressed for the betterment of our education system.

Lulu Menziwa2

From her recent posts, it seemed as if Lulu wanted to show off her workplace but judging by the comments, nobody hardly noticed the classroom which she was in, as all eyes were glued on the gorgeous Miss Menziwa.

Despite being one of the most followed teachers and fashionistas little is known about Lulu Menziwa as she keeps her life under wraps.

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