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Monday, 10 May 2021

Do you think this is fashion or madness? Take a look at these 6 photos and conclude

 Many people today dress as they wish because they think it's trendy. Others, on the other hand, lie down and call their attire 'franticity.' Many people are now dressing shabby, making you feel distressed. People who admit that they're fashionists occasionally wear out-of-the-box dresses without feeling guilty. You expect this attire to be appropriate if all other considerations are identical.

Others, women also rock semi-sleeved outfits revealing huge portions of their bodies. Without considering what the general population thinks of them. Similarly, some people do not even care for parts of their body. They do it because they think that it improves their attractiveness and makes them more appealing.

A few people have excessively drilled their nose, ears and even tongues. No thorough examples are necessary; look at the pictures below.

Following these six pictures you need to determine if they are real or just a kind of 'franticity' by leaving a comment in the box below. Don't hesitate to like and share, though.

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