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Thursday, 29 April 2021

Photos Of This Young American YouTuber Who Is Surprisingly 17 Years Old

 Some teenagers grew up so fast, you won't believe their ages until you see their birth certificate. Some started experiencing puberty earlier than supposed, and some grew so big once they hit puberty. Especially teenagers from European and Asian Continents. When you go to a typical grade 10-12 in America, you won't believe your eyes, you would think they missed classrooms and they are supposed to be in college, not highschool. The way they are allowed to dress gives it off. School uniforms can tell their ages, and where it is not present, you will mistake a child for an adult, just like the way people mistake Juliana Rmah for a student studying in college.

Juliana Rmah is a 17 years old YouTuber, model, influencer and student from and living in America. She still attends highschool while running her YouTube business. She looks so grown you might mistake her for a 22 years old.

Juliana has a boyfriend who is a bit older than she is, and they have been in a relationship for three years now.

Check out photos of the hot model and influencer

Isn't she so beautiful? I love the fact her parents don't restrict her, and they let her live her life in her own terms.

More pics of Juliana and her boyfriend

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