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Friday, 26 April 2019

Woman Brutally Kills Husband After He Forgot To Buy Chicken For Dinner (Photo)

An angry woman has found herself in serious trouble after she brutally stabbed her husband to death over a disagreement.
The couple
A woman in east China stabbed her husband to death after he forgot to bring home some chicken legs. The couple got into a heated argument in their flat in Lujiang county, Anhui province on April 13 after the husband came home empty-handed, according to Chinese media.
The woman then grabbed a fruit knife from the kitchen and slashed her husband to death.
Relatives of the victim, who was named as Wu Shouchun, said that the woman, surnamed Luo, became very spoiled and bad tempered after getting married. 
‘She would hit her husband, but he would never retaliate,’ Wu’s cousin told Anhui Broadcasting Station.
Neighbours also said that arguments between the couple were a daily occurrence. 
Wu’s mother, He Changying, told reporters that her son was attending a business dinner when her daughter-in-law asked him to bring her some chicken legs. 
However, after the meal, Wu forgot about the errand and returned home without the food she had asked for.
During the argument, the furious wife rushed into the kitchen, grabbed a knife and slashed Wu.
Emergency services rushed him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
The couple, who have a son and daughter, often argued about the caretaking responsibilities of Wu’s elderly mother. The wife insisted that her mother-in-law move into a storage room with no windows – which Wu adamantly refused.
Lujiang County police declined to reveal any details amid ongoing investigations, the report added.

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