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Monday, 10 September 2018

How My Family Received Death Threats - Ramos Speaks On Clash With Salah, Boos By England Fans

Sergio Ramos has said that nobody remembers the death threats his family received as he opened up on the sinister aftermath of injuring Mohamed Salah in Champions League final.
Sergio Ramos injuring Mohamed Salah in 2018 UCL Final
While speaking after Spain's 2-1 victory over England in the UEFA Nations League on Saturday night, Sergio Ramos, claimed that he and his family received death threats in the aftermath of injuring Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final.  
According to a report by Dailymail UK, the Real Madrid defender received a hostile reception from England supporters at Wembley during the match, and admitted he was upset by the booing by England supporters.
The defender who insisted that the booing on Saturday night did not affect his performance on the pitch, said he is more concerned about the death threats made not only to him but also to his fiancee, Pilar Rubio, and their three young sons, Sergio, Marco and Alejandro.
He said: 'One tries to evade [the boos]. In the end you feel it, but I stay out of everything. It doesn't affect my game.

'I would have liked another reception because people only remember the action of the final, and nobody remembers the death threats that my family and my children received. 

'It is a very sensitive issue that people maybe take as a joke about and [that's why they] whistle in a great stadium like this. 

'My conscience is very clear. I already explained [what happened], and I do not have to give more explanations.'
Ramos insisted he had a 'clear conscience' and did not fear a negative reception prior to the match and stuck to that following the clash.
He said: 'You never expect a reception that is not good because, as I said the other day, if these [English] fans have something good, it is that they have always been with the great players. It has not been like that, but I am very calm, with my conscience very clear in that aspect.

'As I said before, I have never tried to hurt a colleague. There are people who may have misunderstood it, but these are football things. It will not change anything in my game or in me.'

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