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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Teen Model Flaunts Her Breasts On Airplane, See The Epic Response She Got (Photos)

bratty model teenage girl who tried to blame an airline for the consequences of her own inappropriate behavior received a stinging smack-down from the airline.
Chelsea Schiffel, 15 years old, tried to make herself out to be a victim, claiming that she was sexually harassed onboard an airplane and accusing United Airlines of being responsible for it.
But the airline was having none of it, and came back with a priceless response that was long overdue for this entitled teen.
Chelsea Schiffel was en route from Los Angeles to Australia with her mother Narelle, age 42, when the girl claims that an elderly man sitting next to her groped her breasts twice.
But according to flight attendants and passengers who witnessed the event, during the long flight, the teenage girl behaved obnoxiously, moving freely about the aircraft and repeatedly “crawling over” the older man who was seated next to her.
Despite her bratty behavior throughout the flight, Chelsea Schiffel then complained that while her mother wasn’t looking, the elderly man grabbed her breasts multiple times.
In addition to the fact that airline seating is notoriously cramped, the teen also happens to be large-chested, and if a person sitting next to her moves just slightly, it would be very easy to accidentally touch one of the girl’s breasts.
Nonetheless, the girl and her mother raised a commotion aboard the aircraft, saying the 15-year-old had been groped by this “pervert” and demanding new seats.
When the flight attendants did not buy the pair’s far-fetched claims, the mother-and-daughter duo devised a plan to get back at the airline and to get a large cash settlement. They filed a legal action against United Airlines – rather than the man who they accused of the “assault.”
In an epic take-down of the whiny brat, the airline revealed the truth of what really happened during the flight. According to a letter published by the airline, Chelsea Schiffel had been a nuisance to her fellow passengers and had been “crawling over” the poor elderly man seated next to her, who was just trying to sleep.
Not only that, but the troublesome teen was wearing “extremely short shorts” on the aircraft, according to the airline, and was flaunting her well-developed chest in front of the male passenger as she climbed over him.
The airline implied that it was nearly impossible for the man to not accidentally touch the 15-year-old girl, as she was repeatedly squeezing her body against him and practically throwing herself into his lap.
“The flight attendants and passengers also stated that you and your daughter were allowed to move to other seats several times, that Chelsea repeatedly moved in and out of her seat, crawling over the other customer who was attempting to sleep, and that your daughter wore extremely short shorts,” the airline’s letter reads.
Upon receiving the letter, Chelsea Schiffel and her mum took to the news media in an attempt to publicly embarrass United Airlines, accusing the company of victim-blaming.
“For me it comes across, by them saying that, it feels like they were telling me that I was asking for it,” Chelsea told News Corp.
But most importantly, United Airlines revealed that the girl refused to provide “evidence of any negligence on the part of United regarding this matter.”
Even the police agreed with the airline, and they did not bring any criminal charges “due to insufficient evidence” to support the teen’s story.
Chelsea Schiffel’s cooked-up claim against United has failed for this reason, and the misbehaving 15-year-old will not get the payout that she desires.

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