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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Indian woman blinded and badly burnt in acid attack finds love in hospital

Indian woman blinded and badly burnt in acid attack finds love in hospital

An Indian woman who suffered an acid attack that left her with horrific burns to her face and blind in both eyes has found the love of her life from her hospital bed.
At age 15, Pramodini Roul was bathed with acid by a paramilitary soldier on a bike because she rejected his marriage proposal. She was returning from taking an exam with her cousin when the 28-year-old man doused her with the corrosive element, melting away her face. 
The survivor, who is fondly called Rani or "Queen" by her family, spent four months in ICU immediately after the incident and later was bedridden for four years at her house in Odisha in eastern India while her widowed mother took care of her alone, bandaging her wounds. She suffered pain for almost 10 years, undergoing five reconstructive surgeries including one to correct vision in her left eye by some degree. She also suffered depression throughout these years but she has now found a reason to smile again.
Indian woman blinded and badly burnt in acid attack finds love in hospital

Now 25, Rani has found a boyfriend, Saroj Kumar Sahoo, who she says has given her a reason to live happily. The two met while Rani was in hospital and have been living together for a year in New Delhi and are now planning to get married.
Rani says: "Saroj really treats me like a queen. He loves me like the way I am. He always encourages me to live life happily. He has become a part of me. I would not have been able to see the world today if I did not have him in my life. I feel very lucky to have him. He is very understanding and is always there for me. It always feels good to be loved and be assured of having a partner who loves and recognizes the goodness in you."
Indian woman blinded and badly burnt in acid attack finds love in hospital

They met in March 2014 at a private hospital where she was admitted for the treatment for the pus-filled infection that had ravaged her legs. The skin from her legs was used for grafting but untimely discharge from the hospital caused infection in her half treated wounds that began secreting pus. Doctors told her mother Rani would need at least four years before she can walk again. 
Saroj was a friend of the nurse who was looking after Rani and was on a regular visit to the hospital when he saw Rani's mother crying helplessly so he extended his support.
Rani said: "We met in March 2014 when he had come with his friends to visit the hospital. Initially, we didn't speak to each other, even though he had seen me. However, after around 15 days he started to speak to me. He would often visit the hospital. I believe he saw my mother and observed her and then slowly started extending helping hands. She would always come alone for my physiotherapy.
"One day he heard my mother ask about my improvement and how long would it take for me to recover as my lower body had by then deteriorated. I could not even move without help, let alone stand on my feet. The reply wasn't very positive as the doctors said that it would take at least four years for me to be able to walk. My mother naturally broke down when she heard that. That is when Saroj consoled her and assured her that he would do everything possible to get me walking."
The 26-year-old started visiting Rani everyday to boost her morale. He eventually quit his job and spent eight hours a day to look after Rani. Rani saw Saroj for this first time this September after she had undergone the first surgery in her left eye. She says she had fallen for his charms long before she saw his face for the first time.
Indian woman blinded and badly burnt in acid attack finds love in hospital

Rani and Saroj have been accepted by both their families and they are waiting to get further reconstructive surgeries before they get married.
Meanwhile, her attacker Santosh Kumar Bedant went free. He was not even arrested at all because the police were allegedly bribed. The attacker even offered to marry Rani after the attack and called her until 2013. He is a married man with a son and there is no case against him that Rani can pursue but she is still hoping he'll one day get arrested.

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