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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Trans-woman spends over $1 million to look like Barbie and now wants to meet her Ken

 A woman who was born male has spent over $1 million (£755,000) to look like a Barbie doll and now she's on a quest to find her Ken.

Nikki Exotika, a pop star and actress transitioned when she was 18. Ever since she was a little boy, she dreamed of one day looking like baby so as soon as she was old enough, she spent all she could undergoing surgery to make her dream come true. She revealed she pays for the surgeries thanks to wealthy boyfriends who are happy to spend money on her, as well as savings from when she previously worked as an escort.

Speaking of her sexuality, she told Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard on ITV’s This Morning: "I kept it a secret, as I didn’t know what was wrong, there were no books or TV shows."
As for why she chose to undergo surgery to look like Barbie, she admitted that she was "obsessed as a little boy and would dream of looking like Barbie". She said she knew from the age of two that she was not in the right body, admitting that she "would always cover myself when my mother changed my diaper, I never felt right with male genitalia".
She disclosed that she started taking hormones when she was 17 and at 18, she started her plastic surgery after a lot of thinking during which she kept asking herself, "did I really want to take this journey?" Her first surgery was on her nose, and it continued from there. She has since had over 30 procedures on every inch of her body.
"I did my Adam’s apple in Ecuador, and it kept going on and on," she said.
She says she is looking for her Ken, but said a lot of Kens have turned out to be gay.
"A lot of Ken’s have been gay but I stay optimistic," she joked then added: "I would like to find a soulmate, a bestie."

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