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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Kardashian girls deny sleeping with The Game, maybe Kim, but not Khloe and Kourtney

The Kardashian girls have reacted to rapper The Game's claim that he slept with three Kardashian girls. He made the claim in a song titled 'Sauce'. The source says he was wrong about at least two.

TMZ reports below...
"Sources close to the Kardashians tell us you can count out KylieKendallKhloe,Kourtney and Kris ... none of them had sex with Game. The sources acknowledge Kimdated Game back in the day ... so that one's on the table for discussion, but that's it.
Khloe and Game have been pals for years, but the Kardashian sources are adamant ... strictly platonic.
That said, there's an interesting nugget. Game reached out to Kanye to get his blessing for the song, and Kanye said he didn't have a dog in the fight. Interesting ... Game didn't call Kim.
But ... we know Game sticks by his story. He nailed 3 of them.

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