A heartless school teacher has mercilessly dealt with a student in a most unbelievable way leaving many people in shock.
According to reports, a teacher mercilessly beat a young pupil to the extent of leaving shocking marks on the little child’s body.
It is not ascertained exactly which state the incident took place, but a Facebook user Mr. Femi Michael Ojo who posted the pictures is asking that the perpetrators be brought to book.
He wrote: “What is wrong with our Education system this days. How can a teacher beat a child like this. What sort of system of education do we have? Innocent soul like this and worst of it is in Niger state the boy might drop out of School for ever because of this singular act of brutality. Keep sharing till Minister of Education sees it. We want to know more if anyone is near the boy. I will take a lawyer and pay for this case. Help us investigate as we are doing too to get to the root of this sad story simple as that”