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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Bizarre photoshoot shows strangers completely naked and covered in paint

 Up to twenty strangers stripped down and covered themselves in bright paint for a photoshoot by former US combat cameraman veteran, Aaron Ansarov. The Florida resident who aims to send a positive message using art as a medium paints naked bodies in vivid colors to prove everyone can be uniquely the same. He said:

"I've always been curious as to why people act the way they do and what it is that causes them to be so unique. "But no matter what level of social status, race, religion or education, there seems to be a common lack of self love or judgement of others that holds us back from being truly at peace with each other.
"I want viewers to see these subjects as vibrantly unique and dynamic humans being human" "I'm not a body painter, those guys are super talented in transforming a human into something else. The transformation on my shoots however is internal. The work of art is the proof."
 Since he started the project last year, Aaron has captured nearly 200 subjects.

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