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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

10 Thing Ladies Do That Shows They Want Sexx When They Visit Their Boyfriends

1. Assure Me You Will Not Initiate Sex When I Visit You 
Yes a lady once told me prior to her arrival that I should assure her I will not touch her when she comes. She actually wanted to know if I'm capable

2. I Feel So bored 
When you turn yourself into a clown just to put a smile on her face and she still tells you she's bored, oooooh boi, na you come sabi oooo

3. I'm feeling heat 
It's normal to feel heat inside a stuffy room condition, but it's abnormal to feel heat when the AC is at high frequency. She'd be like, please get me a hand fan, haba inside AC ? that's awkward

4. She Says No To Everything 
She says NO to movies, she says NO to checking of photo albums, she says NO to magazines, she says NO to everything. It's just one of those signs cheesy

5. She Stops Talking 
Someone who has been talking to you suddenly stopped responding to your chat, isn't that weird ?

6. She Says You Are Not Romantic 
When men were boys, a lady visited me and uttered that statement but I never understood what she meant until she stopped visiting. When you are both in the room and she tells it to straight to your face that you are not romantic, then she has indirectly signal to you to do the needful

7. Please Lock The Door 
In some cases, she will tell you to lock the door with the key cos she doesn't like the noise coming from outside

8. She Checks Her WristWatch At Intervals 
If she checks her watch by intervals and keeps reminding by intervals that she will soon be goingit's just one of those signs

9. She Keeps Silent When Her Boyfriend's Pals Are Present 
Yes many of them will keep mute so as to signal to his friends that she's not feeling their presence and that they should bleep off

10 She Rejects Your Permission 
Not every guy is way too forward to make moves. However, some might take permission before making moves. For example, the guy asks, "please can I kiss you ?", she replies " I don't know" ooooooh boi na you come know ooooo cool

Guys feel free to add yours cool

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