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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Why shouldn’t I be corrupt if it makes my life easier?’

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‘Why shouldn’t I be corrupt if it makes my life easier?’
January 13, 2016 at 12:11 am in Tip of a New Dawn FacebookTwitterSMSWhatsApp
By Tabia Princewill
I received an unfortunately high number of emails last week from readers attempting to excuse those involved in #DasukiGate. I was not just appalled but flummoxed: how does one reason, overlook or explain spending money meant for the purchase of arms on private individuals?
How does one so easily forgive such an allegation, knowing that as we speak, innumerable children have been orphaned and displaced precisely because the military was not appropriately equipped to fight Boko Haram? Have we no conscience?
What about the soldiers whose deaths might have been avoided? What if they were our friends or relatives? What if, if not for the vagaries of fortune and circumstance, those defending such crimes had been soldiers themselves?
On the subject of conscience, I’m also taken aback by the continuing flow of opportunists and defectors from the PDP to the APC. But back to the defenders of the would-be frail, little innocent lambs. The PDP’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Abdullahi Jalo said “Haliru Bello did a contract with the office of Sambo Dasuki to the tune of N600m with his company’s name, not PDP.
In the case of Olisa Metuh, his company allegedly had transactions  with the office of National Security Adviser. So, what is PDP’s business with that?” If the PDP can disown its own members or seek to distance their wrongdoings from the party’s internal workings (a difficult, almost impossible feat), how do Nigerians benefit from defending people accused of doing terrible wrong to this country?

Former National Security Adviser, NSA, to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Col. Sambo Dasuki.
Internal workings
Or, in other words, how do we benefit from crying more than the bereaved? In truth, we are the bereaved, not the PDP. It is our families who die on bad roads because of corruption. It is our children who are out of school. Yet, some choose to defend those who wouldn’t give them the time of day. Puzzling.
The PDP leadership has clearly stated it didn’t instruct any of its members to either ask for or receive any money from the former NSA – although allegedly, Tony Anenih, a PDP trustee, received, along with other PDP elders, part of the money—therefore, anyone facing trial for their alleged financial relationship or undue links with Sambo Dasuki is on their own.
Defeat, they say, has no fathers. How callous yet fascinating and understandable as Jonathan, Patience and even Akpabio said at various times during the past electoral campaign, “nobody wants to go to jail for 300 years under Buhari”.
It was part of the campaign narrative: in a curious, inexplicable way they told us, in Patience Jonathan’s manner for example: “vote for my husband, I can’t carry food to feed him in jail”. Or in Akpabio’s case, “as for me, my children are too young, I can’t go to jail”. The defenders of the lambs should ask if this is an admission of guilt or a “mea culpa,” an attempt at making amends.
Italian Renaissance writer, Machiavelli, said, “he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived”. So, somehow, PDP stalwarts convinced some of our uneducated masses and some greedy, emotionless people that defending their right to Nigeria’s commonwealth was in the people’s interest.
This brings me to the question “why shouldn’t I be corrupt if it makes my life easier?” which I am certain, is the tacit or unspoken interrogation the defenders of the dishonest lambs often utter. Their depravity and prowess at feigning innocence is so potent that they have convinced even themselves (talk less of others) that they are hunted rather than being hunters themselves.
Psychopathic tendencies
To fight anyone with psychopathic tendencies, psychologists advise preserving the truth and keeping it out of the psychopath’s

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