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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Story of maltreatment of a young maid in Kaduna (photos)

. Read below...
"I met this little girl who happens to be a maid for a certain family in my neighborhood here in Mahuta District, before Refinery junction, Kaduna South. This little poor girl is named Veronica Beatrice, 12yrs. She is from Bacca Local Govt in Jos.
She is in serious pain out of the maltreatment she receives from her madam. According to the girl, she said that her madam stopped her from going to school for 3days now just because she took some bread after her madam gave her a small piece that she ate and she was still hungry, so she decided to collect more.
When her madam returned back home and found out, she gave her the beating of her life and asked her to do frog jump, dig her own grave and made her carry mutter (used in pounding fufu) on that same hand that she used in digging her grave.
According to the girl the name of her madam is Omolara, and the husband's name is David Kelvin and the husband is from Jos too.
This is child abuse in the on the highest level and I pray the appropriate government organization to take up this case and come to the aid of this poor little girl.

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