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Friday, 29 January 2016

15-year-old Danish girl who stabbed mother to death after being radicalised gets 9-year jail term

Lisa Borch was only 15 when she in collaboration with her boyfriend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, (pictured right) 29, stabbed her mother Tina Römer Holtegaard at least 20 times in their home in Kvissel, northern Denmark, in October 2014.

What could possibly have turned a blonde, pretty, teenager into a heartless murderer? She had kept bad company. Abdulla wasn't the first unscrupulous fellow in her life, she had been in love with an unnamed Muslim man during which she developed an obsession for militant Islam. The man jilted her to go be with his wife and children in Sweden but the first seeds of violence had been sown and she soon fell in love with Iraqi-born Abdulla after meeting him at a local refugee centre near her home.

Before the brutal murder of her mother Mrs Holtegaard (Pictured above) Borch had spent hours on YouTube watching footage of the savage decapitations of David Haines and Alan Henning. She told the court she had only confessed to the crime because she was scared of her boyfriend, who at 29 is nearly twice her age.

Her stepfather Jens Holtegaard told Danish media that although Borch was obsessed with ISIS, he did not blame Islam.

He said she could just as easily been attracted to the biker gang environment or some other extreme. 
Following the brutal murder, in which both Borch and Abdulla participated, the teenager called police claiming: 
'I heard my mother scream and I looked out the window and saw a white man running away. Please come here, there is blood everywhere.'
On arrival, police found Mrs Holtegaard, whose husband was away on a short business trip at the time of her murder, covered in her own blood in bed.

Despite making the frantic phone call, the victim's daughter was sitting on a chair in the living room playing with her iPhone and watching videos on YouTube. When police asked where her mother was, Borch refused to leave her computer and simply pointed upstairs.

A later police examination of the computer showed that she had watched endless repeats of the beheadings of the two Britons, both of whom had gone to Syria on humanitarian missions.
'She watched them the whole evening long,' said prosecutors at her trial.

When police first arrived at the house she didn't leave the computer and merely pointed upstairs to indicate where her mother lay dead. It was this apparent disinterest which made her prime suspect in a matter of minutes.

The court heard that Borch's twin sister had recently moved out of the family home because she couldn't stand the constant arguing that went on between her mother and sister. Prosecutors said it was this 'endless rowing which cost the mother her life.'

The court was told that Borch had teamed up with Abdulla after being dumped by her first lover. The two planned to flee together to Syria and fight for the ISIS cause.

Borch claimed at the trial that they were 'just good friends' but authorities believe they were lovers. 
The rows with her mother intensified as she pressured her daughter to break off her relationship with him and 'live the life of a normal teenager.' 
Prosecutor Karina Skou told the court that the pair made a diabolical pact to kill her mother saying: 'This murder was cold blooded, ice cold and committed in a bestial manner".
Borch even showed her twin sister the knife she planned to use to kill their mother, but the comment was incorrectly written off a macabre joke.

In court Borch and Abdulla blamed one another for the killing of Mrs Holtegaard.
He claimed to have only arrived to 'help Lisa' after the teenager had already killed her mother. But Borch said Abdulla had actually been the knifeman.

The muddled version of events meant the court heard several stories about what actually happened.
Although Abdulla was no longer at the property when police arrived, investigators found his fingerprints in the victim's bedroom.
Although it couldn't be established who'd actually delivered the blows that killed Mrs Holtegaard, both of the accused were found guilty of murder.

Borch was sentenced to nine years in prison, the first of which will be spent in a youth offenders institute.
Abdulla received 13 years and will be expelled from Denmark when his sentence is up.

Both were ordered to pay around £40,000 in compensation to Mrs. Holtergaard's husband - Borch's stepfather - as well as her twin sister and a younger brother.

Borch's twin was in court to see her sister sentenced but did not look at her during the trial.

Source: UK Daily Mail

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